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Wheel Balancing and Alignment for Peak Performance

We have seen the majority of accidents occur due to improper wheel balancing and alignment. Here at Omega Auto Repair, we’re experts at balancing and aligning wheels using advanced equipment and mechanisms. Our skilled team figures out and fixes any alignment problems precisely, making sure your car runs smoothly and safely on the road.

Signs of unbalanced wheels:

  • Vehicle moving in zig zag way from left or right.
  • Uncertain tyre wear.
  • Facing trouble with the steering wheel
  • Tyres making an unusual sound

No more bumpy rides now

Tyers play a big role in making your ride smooth. We understand every car needs different tyres for different kinds of roads; hence, our experts make sure the wheels are aligned accurately at the right angle according to the recommended standard. You can always rely on us for premium tyres and wheel balancing because We use special tools for balancing alloy and steel wheels. 

If you have not checked your wheel alignment and balancing since a year, visit us or book an appointment to get your vehicle inspected and serviced for safe and smooth riding. 

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